Swarm at Tournament

Posted On May 18, 2015
May 18, 2015

There was a bit of a buzz at Chorleywood Common Youth Football Club Tournament on Sunday (17 May) as bees swarmed over pitches.

“Everybody crouched down as the swarm headed towards the control centre” says a parent, “Parents were calm as were the kids.  The bees settled near a tree then moved on.”


*  Don’t panic about bees stinging.  A bee dies if it stings so stings are rare.  It will only sting to defend the hive.  If you see a swarm of bees they are likely to be relocating and very unlikely to sting as they dont have a hive to protect.  If you come across flying bees the advice is to just stand still –   don’t flap your arms, if you find a swarm, call a beekeeper ( local numbers below).   Bees are largely responsible for the pollination of most of the world’s fruits, vegetables and nuts so without bees we don’t have any of those foods. 

Local swarm officers include:

Alan Cunningham: 01923 284902

Mike Davey:  01923 283150

Diane Bruce: 01923 775943



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