Ted Roberts

Posted On December 5, 2014
December 05, 2014

Ted Roberts cares about cars. They might be exotic, mean machines but just as likely to be a rock solid vintage Volvo or a value Skoda Citigo.

His passion is keeping motors in good nick, valeting is one of his many car related services, and Chorleywood is a frequent port of call.

Erica Bendall employs him to clean up her car on a regular basis

“Ted is amazing – he genuinely loves cars, loves to see them clean, he valets my dog-walking car every two weeks and it smells like the day I bought it. He is reliable, hardworking and a real genuine guy!”

“I have a brilliant machine that can zap a smell in
an hour.” says Ted, “My greatest valet challenge was a car that carried four dogs daily and hadn’t been cleaned for three years.

It came up like new. The owner couldn’t believe it!

So many people put on their best whistle then drive around in a messy car. It’s mad!”

It’s the extras that keep clients like Erica even happier – the phonecall

reminder to get the
fan belt looked at, the determination to de-dog the car interior, and his readiness to help. He will advise on choosing the right car (Don’t buy more than you need), repairing, insuring, selling and is a great believer in hiring
the same car model before you buy.

Finishes are a speciality of Ted’s too, from a simple but effective polish (he knows all the trade secrets) to the protective coating garages offer as an add-on when you buy a new car – and he can do it at a very competitive price.

Keeping a car pristine he says is vital to extend the vehicle’s life and to maximize the price on selling.

“I drive a 2003 Merc, I keep it in tip top condition and it’s still going strong.”

If you or somebody you know would value a car valet, Ted’s your man.



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