Victoria Moore’s Wine Dine Dictionary

Posted On June 2, 2017
June 02, 2017

Victoria Moore has acutely tuned senses – a quality she puts down to her genes, specifically to inheriting her mum’s legendary nose, which she says is jolly useful for writing about wine. As well as being an influential wine journalist, Victoria is acknowledged to be an expert in the psychology of smell and taste. Her latest book The Wine Dine Dictionary kicks off by explaining about the interdependency of the senses.

“Much of what we think we taste we actually smell… The instant you raise a glass of wine to your lips and nose, a hundred tiny sensory reactions are triggered.”

Creative foodies or anybody who appreciates a meal with wine will love this book. Arranged in A-Z by food at one end and A-Z by wine at the other, it’s a brilliant kitchen handbook.

Search for your dinner dish or ingredients and find wine suggestions from both Victoria and winemakers or look up the grape for meal recommendations of what to eat with it. There are also tips from restaurateurs with their favourite food/wine combos plus 30 recipes. The book is all good fun, written in a warm and witty way with not a trace of snobbery.

The 400+ food entries from abalone to zander include fish finger sandwiches with ketchup, jacket potato with cheese, pizza, picnics and boxing day leftovers as well as classic dishes like bouillabaisse lobster and foie gras.

And it all comes in a user-friendly format, colour-coded for wines -red, white or rose. If you’re pushed for time you can flick to the last section which lists wines that go with everything and food that goes with everything (well nearly everything). Class

Our wine writer Wackus Bacchus adds “This is much more than just another Wine and Food book. It was a daunting challenge but Victoria Moore has succeeded in crafting a new wine lover’s masterpiece.”

Signed copies from Chorleywood Bookshop, £20

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