Avenue Q At Watford Colosseum

Posted On July 3, 2015
July 03, 2015

Avenue Q tAQ LOGOells the story of college graduate Princeton and a host of other characters living on a downtown New York Avenue. It’s a musical with attitude – despite the larger than life Henson style puppets it’s no Sesame Street. It’s about as non PC as you can get, raunchy and irreverent and pushing the limits on issues like racism, sex and excess drinking. But all in good spirit.

The songs by Robert Lopez of Book and Mormon and Frozen fame, are cheeky and catchy with lyrics you wouldn’t want to be overheard singing unconsciously.

You can’t help but love those outrageous puppet personalities. We met some of the cast ahead of the show in Watford Colosseum.

“We are all performers rather than traditional puppeteers” says Sarah Harlington who plays sultry cabaret singer and man magnet Lucy the Slut as well as nursery assistant Kate Monster, “The show is all about the puppets and is such a gift as an actor, you get to play two characters and learn a new skill! Lucy and Kate Monster both have a love interest in the lead man although are complete opposites. You have to get over the emotions and reactions like any other role. Switching to the different voices takes a lot of concentration, sometimes the two talk to each other!”

Jessica Parker plays the female of the pair of cute but evil Bad Ideas Bears whose mission is to persuade people to act irresponsibly.

“They are that voice in your head that makes you have another drink. I play the female bear and Stephen Arden the male. We work together with parallel movements, choreographed like synchronised swimmers. It’s the best fun!”

Read our interview with Lucy the Slut here:

Lucy the Slut talks to CW Mag
Avenue Q, Watford Colosseum,  Fri 3 July 7.30pm, Sat 4 July 5pm & 8.30pm £17 – £27.50   0845 075 3993      www.watfordcolosseum.co.uk


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