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Posted On September 1, 2015
September 01, 2015

Fancy growing your own veg but don’t have garden space?  There are a few allotment plots up for grabs around Chorleywood – and there’s usually a long waiting list so if you’re keen, snap up the chance now.

Chorleywood Primary School Gardening expert Claire Davies has had an allotment in the Swillett for eleven years

“I turn into a different person when I’m working on the allotment” says Claire, “it’s a brilliant stress reliever. Digging gets it all out of your system and taking in the colour and fragrances just makes you feel better.”

The calming influence of working the soil is an added bonus. The main advantage has to be the unbeatable flavour of home grown fruit and vegetables.

“Carrots and sweet corn especially taste so different when cooked the same day.”

Not to mention peas eaten straight from the pod.

“I would recommend anybody who has time to take an allotment.  It’s hard work but very rewarding and it’s so important for children to learn about growing and things like recycling peelings.”

Photo © Chorleywood Magazine

Allotments are available at all three Chorleywood Parish Council sites; The Swillet, Dog Kennel Lane & Copman’s Wick

Contact Laura Hamilton on 01923 285594 or email for more information.

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