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Posted On September 2, 2016
September 02, 2016

Christ Church school children have been learning about the pleasure of giving back. Year 5 were given a ‘Fiver Challenge’ where teams had to make £5 grow through an idea of their own. Josh Purbrick set up his own business creating caricatures and took his talent to the Isle of Wight Festival where, in just a few hours, he raised £210 for Stand up for Cancer, a charity close to his heart. Several musicians modeled including the lead singer from Alabama 3 (whose tracks include Woke Up this Morning, the theme tune of the Sopranos) and Tim Arnold, aka the Soho Hobo.

‘”Josh spent his fiver on an art pad,’ says Mum Lorraine, “he has a gift with art and manages to pick out specific details of people when drawing them. The confidence this has given Josh is just mind blowing. He is a born entrepreneur and will make a mint in later life, I have no doubt.”

“ We have seen some great team work and business flair,” adds Head Teacher, Duncan Gauld. “This project has so much relevance today when innovation and enterprise are valued – children are learning skills for life.”














Year 6 pupils completed their Citizenship Challenge involving community service, global awareness, environmental awareness, health awareness and working with younger children. Pupil Tamzin raised £140 for the NSPCC from a board game event. The children volunteered at Chorleywood Village Day, gardened at school, learned basic first aid and spent time teaching and reading to younger children.  “The children are at a good age to learn the value of giving,” says Year 6 teacher, Jane Broadis, “through this project many realise the truth in that old adage ‘it’s better to give than to receive’.”

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