Chloe’s new law

Posted On December 2, 2018
December 02, 2018

When Chloe Cox put up her hand earlier this year she made a difference. The Yr 7 SCD student who was previously a pupil at Christ Church school took part in an environmental discussion between local school councils and district councillors from Three Rivers (TRDC). When the councillors wound up their meeting by drinking a cup of coffee from a throaway cup, Chloe challenged them .

Unbeknown to Chloe, TRDC raised this in a later meeting, pointing out the use of single use plastics was not good and decided to stop using single use plastic in their offices. On 18 October Chloe and her old classmates were very happy to witness a motion voted unanimously in favour to pass this law which they have named Chloe’s Law. 

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