Chorleywood’s Happiest Dogs 2016

Posted On May 7, 2015
May 07, 2015

Chorleywood’s Happiest Dogs were  presented with prizes donated by sponsors Dogs Trust Shop, Mr Bones, Poores and Chorleywood Dog Training during the French Market Day.
Judges Nick Jenner of Chorleywood Dogs Trust shop and Tom Clarkson of Mr Bones Street Photography had real problems narrowing down winners..
Here is the final selection…


Tie between Archie and Purdy who win a Dogs’ Trust goodie bag and rosettes plus a Mr Bones original print

Archie 10yrs



Owner says

We rescued Archie nearly 10 years ago from the RSPCA when he was just over a year old. He was a nervous wreck then, but since adopting him he has become a very lovable and loyal dog who loves travelling. He has been abroad with us 18 times now and had to have a new passport last year as his old one was full!
Here is a picture of him in the sunshine is Spain this January! However despite his love of travel, he is probably at his happiest strolling round the Common!

Judge says

“When I meet dogs you get a variety of characters, not always reflective of the breed.  Some are excited, some are shy, some are aggressive…but you can always tell a dog who is just content. Archie looks like one of those dogs…and why wouldn’t he be?  He’s travelled the world. TC



Purdy, 11yrs



Owner says

PURDY is 11 years old. She came into our life as a failed gun dog at 1 year old, we bought her at the time for our son Oliver who was was not very well at aged 4 she was a little gift from heaven. She is Oliver’s best friend to this day (he is now 18 years old) she has taught him to sit!!!! Fetch!!! And feed her on demand.  She rules the house !!!! And rules him too.

Judge says

“Most failed gun dogs unfortunately end up getting put to sleep, she looks so happy there, is she waiting for Oliver to come home to boss about?” NJ





Bertie – this flying beagle wins a rosette and an apt prize of a one to one 90 min introduction to agility with Chorleywood Dog Training (IMDT)

Bertie the Beagle

We believe our Bertie our Beagle is the happiest Dog on the common.







Beverly, 2.5 yrs. wins a rosette and a smiley ball



Owner says

Jack Russell Beverly is 2.5 years old. She loves posing (smiling) for the camera.  Her favourite place in the world is our window sill where she can easily get from the sofa. She enjoys watching busy street life while trying to boss everybody around from behind the window. She also enjoys chasing pigeons, squirrels and making post man jump.  Apart from that she loves visiting Poores where she always gets a treat. Actually every time we go to village she is dragging us to that shop for her treats.

Judges say

“That smile is incredible! A lovely little dog TC

“I just love that smile” NJ



All win rosettes and Poores treats

Tic Tac


Owner says

Tic Tac is a ‘happy dog’ and totally deaf so he doesn’t know that’s his name. He loves Chorleywood Common especially the ponds.

Judge says

Deaf dogs are one of the hardest to rehome so anyone who rehomes a dog with a disability gets my vote NJ






Owner says

Nemo makes us laugh every day. He loves life and sticks and manages to carry 7 in one go! He is also addicted to tennis balls, his frisbie and various ponds on the Common.

Judge says ..

If I could carry as many sticks and frisbees in my mouth as Nemo, I’d be very happy indeed. TC




Maisie, 5


Owner says

Happy pooch Maisie was rescued from The Retired Greyhound Trust. Here she is photobombing my artistic shot of some cliffs in Scotland.

Judge says

This stunt made us smile TC






Specil Mention : Charlie and Barnie – Happy Mates








This was part of the brief and rosettes go to Tyson and Benson whose owners waxed lyrical in verse



Benson “My name is Benson Doggy,
I like to swim in any lake or boggy.
I love my little friend and mate,
We have become the bestest friends of late.
I’ve also been mistaken for “Fenton,”
But no, I am just plain old Benson.
I do not chase deer in parks,
But I do have lots and lots of larks.
This competition I take in grace,
For Chorleywood is a fabulousos place.”Benson Doggy, aged 7 and a bit.



15 yrs old

Hello everyone,  Tyson is my name
You may see me on the Common, come sunshine or rain

Why am I the happiest? There’s lots of reasons
For starters, my mummy takes me out whatever the season

I get lots of cuddles and am spoilt with treats
And after a fun packed day, I have a long sleep

I have been in Chorleywood since I was 10 weeks old!
And now I’m 15 years of age, which makes me a pensioner I am told.

If you see me on a walk, I would be grateful if you could
Say hello to me, the happiest dog in Chorleywood !




MaisieloScreen Shot 2015-04-23 at 15.41.56










With thanks to all dogs who entered and cheered up our website over the last few months



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