Diner à Deux

Posted On February 5, 2018
February 05, 2018

“If you’re cooking for someone special, to my mind it has to be steak” says Yves Vindal. The Higgins butcher has the pick of the shop but his definitive choice for diner à deux is fillet.

“Girls tend to prefer it – It’s called the lady’s steak. It’s not the most flavoursome cut but the most tender – it has no fat because this muscle is inside the loin and does no work at all.”

Yves, who trained as a chef and worked for three years at The Grove, has the perfect combination of cooking and butchering skills.

“You should take the steak out of the fridge about twenty minutes before cooking, drizzle with the olive oil and rub with salt then

sear over a really high heat, Turn heat down a bit and cook to your liking, resting for five minutes to let flavours enhance before serving.

I like it with a peppercorn sauce, green beans wrapped in streaky bacon and sautéed potatoes.

My girlfriend Nikki loves it when I cook and landlady Weena is always happy to taste!”

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