Posted On December 1, 2020
December 01, 2020

The deadline has closed and there are 138 entries in CHORLEYWOOD FESTIVE TRAIL which runs from SATURDAY 5 DECEMBER to Boxing Day.
We challenge you to visit them all!  Don’t forget to vote for your favourites at www.bit.ly/2IFxGDn before SUNDAY 20 DECEMBER (winners to be announced on 22nd Dec). Proceeds from DONATIONS will be shared between Chorleywood Primary, The Russell School, Christ Church C of E School and Hillside Pre-School (Registered Charity Numbers: CWP PTA: 281628, CCC: 1129662, RSPA: 1035257, HP-S: 1132378)


FT1       19 Cedar Dew, Wyatts Close (Spread Peace & Love of the Season)

FT2       9 Solesbridge Lane       

FT3       Christ Church, The Common   

FT131  Christ Church C of E School, The Common (Comfort and Joy)   

FT4       Chorleywood Beaumont at Chorleywood Lodge (Chorley Little Wonderland)

FT5       Chorleywood House – Sunken Garden & Summer House (Shining Light at the End of the 2020 Tunnel)

FT6       The Colleyland Lights   (WHOLE STREET ENTRY)  (Silver & Gold for the Young & Old!)

FT7       Casalina, Colleyland     

FT8       19 Orchard Drive          

FT9       20 Hillcrest, Orchard Drive        

FT10     64 Green Street

FT11     50 Green Street

FT132  Andrew Fleming Florist & PCFixup, 1A Shire Lane (PagodAglow) 

FT12     Chorleywood Bookshop, 4 New Parade  (Stories at Christmas)

FT13     2 Whitelands Avenue   

FT14     24 Whitelands Avenue (Amazing Advent)

FT15     56 Whitelands Avenue 

FT16     62 Whitelands Avenue (Merry Christmas!)

FT17     99 Whitelands Avenue  (The Daily Antics of the ‘Elf on the shelf’)

FT18     109 Whitelands Avenue

FT19     6 Brushwood Drive (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

FT20     8 Brushwood Drive       

FT21     9 Brushwood Drive       

FT22     11 Brushwood Drive     

FT23     16 Brushwood Drive (Christmas Cheer)

FT24     19 Brushwood Drive     

FT25     26 Brushwood Drive     

FT26     Brushwood Drive Roundabout Lights -including bunting artwork provided by Russell School children (WHOLE STREET ENTRY)

FT27     9 Beechwood Avenue   

FT28     11 Beechwood Avenue 

FT29     13 Beechwood Avenue 

FT30     The Carpenters Wood Drive Lights  (WHOLE STREET ENTRY)

FT31     5 Carpenters Wood Drive  (Toby’s Luminous Lights)

FT32     10 Carpenters Wood Drive       

FT33     17 Carpenters Wood Drive  (We Wish you a Smithy Christmas)

FT34     19 Carpenters Wood Drive       

FT35     20 Carpenters Wood Drive       

FT36     22 Carpenters Wood Drive. (“Oh, Christmas tree…”)

FT37     29 Carpenters Wood Drive (Light up Carpenters Wood Drive)

FT38     26 Carpenters Wood Drive       

FT39     30 Carpenters Wood Drive       

FT40     32 Carpenters Wood Drive       

FT41     33 Carpenters Wood Drive       

FT42     34 Carpenters Wood Drive       

FT43     40 Carpenters Wood Drive (The Hyde’s Light Up Christmas)

FT44     42 Carpenters Wood Drive       

FT45     76 Carpenters Wood Drive    

FT133 – Grove Lodge, Grove Way (The Gingerbread House) 

FT46     8 Grovewood Close  (Narnia Winter Wonderland)

FT47     77 Blacketts Wood Drive  (Expecto Patronum!)

FT48     57A Blacketts Wood Drive        

FT49     24 Blacketts Wood Drive          

FT50     16-21 Grenville Court, Blacketts Wood Drive (Blockdown Christmas)

FT51     4 Blacketts Wood Drive

FT52     3 Swan Court, Shire Lane          

FT53     34 Shire Lane   

FT54     Beeches, Shire Lane     

FT55     Hartfield, Shire Lane     

FT56     Maples / Shire House, Shire Lane (Chrismas Tree Farm Magic!!)

FT134  The Orchard, Shire Lane (Follow the Star to Bethlehem) 

FT57     Warren House, Shire Lane        

FT58     Eston, Shire Lane         

FT59     Wincot, Shire Lane       

FT60     Roughwood House, Chalfont Lane

FT61     Woodfield House, Chalfont Lane

FT62     23 Bullsland Gardens (Christmas Sparkle)

FT63     41 Bullsland Lane  (Festive Animals)

FT64     Slipway Cottage, Just off the Heronsgate Rd (WALK down slip road) (Gingerbread House)

FT65     Bowood, Nottingham Road South, Heronsgate (Winter Fun)

FT66     2 Little Hill       

FT67     7 Lawford Avenue        

FT68     The Stag Lane Lights (WHOLE STREET ENTRY)

FT69     11 Stag Lane    

FT70     15 Stag Lane (Christmas Stag in Stag Lane)

FT71     17 Stag Lane    

FT72     The Crest, Stag Lane (Lockdown Lights)

FT73     24 Stag Lane    

FT74     Chorleywood Primary School, Stag Lane         

FT75     Summer Hill House, Stag Lane  (A December to Remember!)

FT76     17 Rendlesham Way    

FT77     8 Rendlesham Way      

FT78     7 Rendlesham Way      

FT79     15 Quickley Lane (Winter Wood)

FT80     47 Quickley lane          

FT81     St Andrew’s Church, 37 Quickley Lane  (The Bench)

FT82     25 Furze View  

FT83     8 Capell Road   

FT84     20 Capell Road  (Santa’s Arrived)

FT85     17 Capell Way  (Beware of the Grinch!)

FT86     39 Hubbards Road        

FT87     The Clements Road Lights (WHOLE STREET ENTRY)

FT88     17 Clements Road (Winter Wonderland)

FT89     22 Clements Road        

FT90     28 Sunfold, Clements Road       

FT91     56 Clements Road (Tacky Christmas)

FT92     Upmeads, Berry Lane (Northern Lights)

FT93     South Lodge, Dog Kennel Lane  (The Gingerbread Cottage)

FT94     7 Artichoke Dell, Dog Kennel Lane  (While Shepherds Watched …)

FT135  176 Highfield Way        

FT136  47 Hill Rise, Rickmansworth (Jingle Hills) 

FT95     The Chorleywood Bottom Lights (WHOLE STREET ENTRY)

FT96     1 Chorleywood Bottom (Merry Grinchmas!)

FT97     2 Chorleywood Bottom

FT138 – 3 Chorleywood Bottom 

FT98     2 Meadstone Cottages, Chorleywood Bottom   

FT99     12 Chorleywood Bottom  (Vanstone Festive Fiesta)

FT100   15 Chorleywood Bottom          

FT101   16 Chorleywood Bottom          

FT102   1 Hillview Cottages, Chorleywood Bottom   

FT103   The Lower Road Lights (WHOLE STREET ENTRY)

FT104   74, 76, 78, 91 Lower Road & 1 Capell Way (Chronicles of Chorleywood:  The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe)

FT105   66 Lower Road 

FT106   70 Rushdene, Lower Road        

FT107   71 Lower Road  (Secret Christmas Garden)

FT108   63 Lower Road  (Love)

FT109   46 Lower Road  (The Grinch)

FT110   44 Strathmore, Lower Road      

FT111   22b Lower Road           

FT112   Post Box outside old Post Office, Lower Road.  (WI Craft Group Christmas Cheer)

FT113   Flat 4, Globe House, Lower Road

FT137  6 White Cottage, Berks Hill (The White Cottage) 

FT114   21 Overdale, Berks Hill 

FT115   32A Brier House, Berks Hill       

FT116   35 Berks Hill (Festive Fun)

FT117   The Haddon Road Lights (WHOLE STREET ENTRY)

FT118   17 Haddon Road (Ho Ho Hillbrow)

FT119   21 Rivendell, Hillside Road  (Pick up a Penguin)

FT120   Hillside Pre-School, Hillside Road  (Recycled Handmade Tree Decs)

FT121   The South Road Lights. (WHOLE STREET ENTRY)

FT122   44 South Road 

FT123   38 Thornleigh, South Road       

FT124   33 South Road 

FT125   31 South Road 

FT126   24 South Road (Christmas Candy Wonderland!)

FT127   22 Bankside, South Road          

FT128   14 South Road (Ho Ho Ho)

FT129   12 South Road (South Road Stars)

FT130   3 South Road (Swan Lake)



Vote for your favourite display and support local primary schools with a voluntary donation here:   


For a quick link to the site scan the QR code on posters displayed in the village and at participating houses.

PRIZES up for grabs are £100 voucher from Lords, Dinner, bed and breakfast at The Bedford Arms; Gourmet hamper from Higgins; Christmas goodies from John Roberts Estate Agents; Champagne and wine from Co-op Food; £20 meal voucher from The White Horse; Set menu for 2 voucher from Golden House; Meal for two from The Red Lion, Chenies; £50 voucher from Chorleywood Bookshop; Hamper from Chorleywood Community Orchard/Cider Club; Baker Grove Festive Gingerbread Cake from Chorleywood Magazine and £50 to spend in Chorleywood donated by CRA.

PROCEEDS from Trail followers’ donations go to our schools…Chorleywood Primary, The Russell, Christ Church and Hillside Pre-School who have all missed-out on fundraising this year.  (Registered Charity Numbers: CWP PTA: 281628, CCC: 1129662, RSPA: 1035257, HP-S: 1132378)



Visit the ‘Chorleywood Christmas Festival’ Facebook page

Contact Festival Team at cwcifestival@gmail.com


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