Georgina and Connect Church friends take on Kampala Challenge!

Posted On November 27, 2020
November 27, 2020

Chorleywooder Georgina Roberts, along with the whole of Connect Church Chorleywood. over the last four lockdown weeks has been walking the 5744 miles from Chorleywood to Kampala, Uganda, in support of Every Life International.*Georgina, Director of Operations at charity Every Life went to The Russell and Clement Danes and has been around in Chorleywood for pretty much her whole life! 

” We are on track to make it the full 9244km (or 5744 miles!) with some of the team having already walked over 250 miles singlehandedly in the last 3 weeks!”says Georgina,  “At the moment we are wandering through the Central African Republic before cutting across South Sudan. We can only walk in pairs so I only have a photo of two of us!’

 According to Google it will take the group 1789 hours and take them almost a quarter of the way around the world!

“We want to raise a pound for every kilometre – £9244!”

*Every Life work in Uganda, Kenya and the UK to empower communities and individuals to escape poverty for good


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