Posted On November 26, 2017
November 26, 2017

Harry Codd has just turned 95 years.  When friends and family received an invitation to his milestone birthday celebration they saw him as a very young man… on the card was a portrait of him at 11 yrs painted by his dad. “My father was a member of the Royal Etchings Society.”

Harry’s memory is still sharp. His life he says has been full-on and interesting.

“ I was an electrical engineer responsible for electrifying railways. I travelled all over the world. I met Breschnev, the President of Mexico, Maggie Thatcher, the Queen three times – and the Prince of Wales – (and Gordon Brown in Merchant Taylors last month!)  .

He speaks five languages  “My mother was from Devon, My father Hungarian and my grandmother Italian, which helped .”

At 95 Harry’s energy is enviable, he loves women and life  – he out-partied many guests at his birthday bash, which he puts partly down to living with a wife who is thirty years his junior.  Party on Harry!



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