Save our historic hedgerow

Posted On November 26, 2017
November 26, 2017

“On 16th November 2017, TRDC’s Planning Committee confirmed that a 40-meter section of the Wessex/Mercia border hedgerow and bank, along Homefield Road, should be gouged out by a developer’s excavator.”

”It is said that it will be replaced by a few Maple trees, some 60 cm hawthorn “whips” together with a 4 cm layer of wood chips. What a comedown for an 800 year old hedgerow which features in the Chorleywood Community Plan and marks the border of the Chorleywood Conservation Area. This decision was taken despite representations from residents, the Friends of Chorleywood Common, the Parish Council, and, without any report or comment by the Council’s Conservation Officer! The Committee papers stated “the fact that the hedge may be historic does not change our approach to the way we determine the application”. Interestingly, the application stated that the work to be undertaken was “not in a Conservation Area”.

Nigel Challis

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