Posted On October 8, 2018
October 08, 2018

Did you know that some of the country’s ancient hornbeam hedges still exist in our Chorleywood woodland? 

Just walk along Farm Road and down the track into Carpenters Wood and, on your right, you will see  examples of  these very special pollarded hornbeams

“These  hornbeam hedges are now top-heavy and liable to split in bad weather so Friends of Carpenters Wood are campaigning to get them properly pruned to save them for future generations.” says Barbara Green, Chairman of the Friends Group. 

“TRDC, who own the woodland, has been promising for at least 9 years to do the necessary work,” adds Barbara, “but the Friends are still waiting!  It will be tragic if these very special features of our woodland are lost. With recent support from TRDC Councillor, Angela Killick, we hope to push them into action”

Friends of Carpenters Wood: meet twice monthly to help make the wood people-friendly and an easier place to walk. Jobs include litter picking, path clearing and widening, holly and laurel removal, installing benches and bird boxes plus general woodland management.  To join email     bgreenshirelane@yahoo.co.uk


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