Posted On October 8, 2018
October 08, 2018

Higgins has always had a reputation for its top quality meat and inspired choice of cheeses but now has an even wider range of produce in the fridges and on the shelves, all selected by new Manager Yves Vindal.Yves, who has been working at Higgins for twelve years, heads up the new team of butchers following the retirement of former Manager Dave Butler and is assisted by long-time employee Cliff and more recent recruits Samantha and Tony.

Yves grew up in Germany and worked as a chef in 5 star hotels around Europe before further training at The Grove, Watford, He   is passionate about food and has the perfect combination of cooking and butchering skills.


Deli-cious OnTap Oils and Vinegars

Fruit-based Balsam wine vinegars from Germany and infused flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Spainperfect for marinades, and dressings etc.  Best selling vinegars include Pomegranate, Mango, Blood Orange and Fig and Date while Basil, Lemon and Tomato, Chill & Garlic are popular oils. Tasters on shop

All are directly dispensed from vats into refillable glass bottle sealed by a cork. Or buy a packaged set of four as a gift

New Sausages,..

Boerwars from South Africa –  beef and pork with spices and no artificial preservative

Merguez  A long, thin and spicy French lamb sausage    

And Chicken Sausages   Less fat and lower calories than pork

Black Pudding –Now supplied by Macleods of  the Outer Hebrides Their award winning Stornaway is loved for its moist deep flavour and unique rough texture created by Scottish oatmeal  

More cold meats/charcuterie including

Parma ham andProsciutto Rustico –  traditional Italian ham gently roasted with juniper berries and black pepper.

Pancetta  (Italian Style bacon) and Salami (cured sausageof fermented and air-dried meat,) 

Cooked turkey and a wider selection of patés

Winter warmers – like Braising steak – conveniently chopped ready to add to a pot for stewing or casseroling

Stuffed boneless chicken breast – as well as being tasty   less cooking mess and no waste is appealing

More own branded preserves and pickles set out on country style wooden shelving-  

New ranges of Cooking Sauces for pasta/stir fries

Seasonal Produce

Added cheeses and a new range of cheese biscuits


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