Posted On December 5, 2016
December 05, 2016

When winter sets in there’s nothing like a log fire and woodburning stoves make sense for many reasons. Kevin Long of KLS Stoves in Chipperfield tells us why woodburners are more popular than ever

“You can’t beat a real fire” says Kevin Long, “the flames are mesmerising and there are so many advantages of a stove over an open fire. Heat doesn’t escape up the chimney, there are no draughts or smoking and wood is the cheapest fuel you can use – it’s good for the environment, burning wood just warms us, not the planet.”

Kevin has been running KLS Stoves with his partner Emma for four years and for eight years prior to that he worked as a stove engineer and became a chimney specialist. He deals in just two British stove brands, Clearview and Charnwood,

“I have fitted, serviced and repaired most stoves and I sell the ones I believe in most. Clearview are made in Shropshire of steel with cast iron doors and were designed and developed by a British guy who previously was a stove fitter so knew the problems and pitfalls that could arise. Their stoves are efficient, reliable, simple to control and the stainless steel ash pan makes ash removal clean and straightforward.”

But whatever practicalities a stove boasts, one of the most appealing qualities is the view of the flickering flames

“Most wood-burning stoves come with an in-built airwash system now which means minimal sooting or tarring on the glass but Clearview were one of the first companies to get it right. Charnwood are another excellent company who make top quality reliable stoves that have clean burn technology. They are based on the Isle of Wight – the family business has been going for over 40 years. There are some really great stove designs that suit contemporary and traditional homes. One model was made exclusively for Country Living Magazine and comes in a few trendy muted colours”


Kevin is especially proud to have so many satisfied clients in the area

“I often bump into customers around Sarratt and Chorleywood and so many tell me that having their stove was the best thing they ever did…It’s really good to make people happy and I am confident that we have installed the best. Woodburners put the heart into the home, they heat the bones of the house up. We just love our own stove and run it every night in the season and use it a lot in the spring and even summer too, especially to take the chill off later in the evening. We sit around it and sometimes open the doors and make toast the old fashioned way on a long fork!”


KLS offer free no obligation surveys and are HETAS approved (the independent UK body recognised by DEFRA for the official testing of domestic solid fuels, solid fuel and wood burning appliances and associated equipment and services. Also offer chimney service and problem solving, sweeping, servicing, lining

Tel 01923 728105 / 07775 432154

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