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Posted On December 5, 2016
December 05, 2016

“Blackbirds, starlings and robins will eat fat, fruit, and mealworms, while chaffinches, goldfinches and collared doves are seed eaters, preferring sunflower hearts, nuts and nyjer seed.”

Seeds and berries are short so put out seed mixes, sunflower hearts, fat balls and leftovers like cooked rice, uncooked porridge oats, chopped bacon, cheese, pastry, dried and fresh fruit.

“Avoid dried coconut” says RSPB advisor Ben Andrew (it can swell inside birds), cooked porridge (can harden around beaks), margarines and veg oils (it smears on feathers and stops waterproofing and insulation) and milk (birds can’t digest it).

“Water is vital for drinking and bathing, float twigs or ping pong balls on bird baths to stop freezing up – never antifreeze!”

Treat feathered friends to a feeder, a sturdy table (Gardman at Lords) or attract a variety of birds with a luxury bird station that have several separate hanging feeders (Van Hage stock elegant, stable stations by Tom Chambers – from £40 – £80)

Lords have a very impressive selection of wild bird food


Tasting menu for garden birds



Nyjer seed nibbles

Tasty no grow ground mix2 salad


Crispy delicious mealworms

Seasonal juicy fat balls with a side of Fair to Nature3 sunflower hearts

Premium peanuts

Raisins à la suet


Suet cake

Selection of wild fresh berries and fruit


Water only, served without ice

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