New sports scheme at Chorleywood Primary

Posted On March 30, 2017
March 30, 2017

Chorleywood Primary School’s latest committee is made up of pupils – and it is all connected to a healthy lifestyle

“We asked the children to apply to be on a Sports Committee and as part of the application they had to talk about how they would improve sports in the school” explains Headteacher Rebecca Roberts. “We ran a competition for a sports motto and a sports logo too!”

The winning motto, Respect all, Fear None is printed on school sportswear together with the logo which shows a trophy filled with sports balls

There is also a new sports challenge that applies to the whole school

“ We already had a reading challenge in place which is a certificated system and we have now introduced a similar sports reward scheme where children can record the hours of sport they undertake inside and outside school. They can get credits for PE classes or for being active at home. Children get a badge when they meet their own target – the design, which was developed by the children, is based on Olympic rings with each colour representing hours undertaken …the more hours of sport the more certificates awarded”

The Government recommend that children do extra activity on a daily basis and the school are part of the Fitter Future programme where they get access to ten x 10 minute workouts and every child gets free access at home to online videos and monthly challenges. All this counts towards the Sports Reward Scheme.

The kids love the new sports venture which launches after Easter.

“They have been very pro-active and now want to do more in house competitions and even re-organise Sports Day!”

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