Ode to Rhonda

Posted On February 14, 2021
February 14, 2021

Felicity Field wrote a poem to recognise the excellent work of our street cleaner Rhonda 


Ode to Rhonda

In vibrant pink or yellow, and sometimes orange too

She keeps our village spotless of all the grime and goo

The paper cups and wrappers, the masks and gum and more

The leaves she blows and gathers, the weeds she does abhor!


A sunny disposition and cheerful all the while

Litter is her business and she rids it with great style

She does it for our village with passion and finesse

And we can say most surely that for us she does impress


An upbeat conversation, a quip, a joke, a smile

A difference she is making as she goes that extra mile

For the children, pets and people of Chorleywood and near

She is the lovely Rhonda and we hold her very dear


But if you think she’s soft, be warned you are quite wrong

For litter is her business and on this she feels most strong

So don’t fall foul of Rhonda on this matter oh so grave

Bin your trash and whoopsies and her disapproval save


So heartfelt thanks dear Rhonda for being who you are

A little ray of sunshine, for us you are a star

A different Christmas maybe but we hope you have a ball

With Brian and your donkeys five, your dearest one and all



Felicity Field



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