Philipshill Woods inspire kids’ book

Posted On July 26, 2020
July 26, 2020

Nineteen year old Zac Pattison has completed his first set of illustrations for a children’s book written by Dad Allan,

“It’s called The Goofballs, and it’s a good news story for our times about a group of forest animals that help each other to conquer their fears.” says Allan. “It’s our first foray into book publishing. The whole idea started while we were walking our dogs, Border Collie, Nutmeg and Working Cocker Spaniel, Karma, in Philipshill Woods and we saw a large badgers sett. Zac and I started chatting and thought.. What if a badger suffered from claustrophobia?!  Then the conversation progressed.. what if an otter was scared of water or a peregrine falcon scared of heights! We worked up a story board of characters together and then just needed some illustrations.”

Zac, a former pupil of Russell and Clement Danes, found to his amazement that he could draw 

“ I’m really excited about the characters that I have managed to create and still can’t believe what was created by my pens!” says Zac, “  It’s taught me never be afraid to try new things – nothing is impossible! Don’t limit yourself to just what you know. If you have a dream – go for it!’

The Goofballs, £12.99, postage free from

Watch the characters being created by Zac at

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