The ‘last bank in town’ closes

Posted On August 16, 2015
Last Bank Closes
August 16, 2015

The Last Bank in Chorleywood has closed it doors

The feeling of outrage at the decision to close Nat West Bank in Lower Road ( 28 Oct)  is growing, and shopkeepers are particularly incensed.

Resident Valerie Johnson writes..

“The community needs a local bank, particularly the elderly members of our community,  let alone all the businesses who use it services.

I have written a letter of protest to Richard Hennessey, the Local CEO ( and would urge other residents to do the same.

His reply outlined that we can bank online, bank in Rickmansworth, or now use services at our local Post Office.  This is simply not good enough.

I challenged him about his lack of community spirit, and he kept on saying how sorry he was about the decision, but he will not change his mind.

He also said that most of the shopkeepers in Chorleywood are not NatWest customers, and he wasn’t going to keep a branch open just to keep them happy

I took the opportunity to remind Mr. Hennessey that latterly NatWest has been boasting, via TV ads, that it is “the only bank actively opening branches rather than closing them”, so this decision looks as though NatWest has shot itself in the foot.”


Contact Richard Hennesssey at

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