Posted On April 23, 2020
April 23, 2020

What is CCSG?

A group of local parents willing to help during these uncertain times. They can pick up food shopping, prescriptions, run local errands and get hold of urgent supplies. They are happy to purchase non-essential items too like flowers, chocolate, birthday cards and can also provide emotional comfort .  

Organiser Vanessa Rousseau fills us in on the set up and CCSG’s work to date 

“It was obvious as we approached a lockdown situation that most of the marvellous volunteers that work tirelessly in our community were in the high-risk category and were soon being forced to isolate. It was our generation that needed to step up.

I was completely overwhelmed with the response we had to setting up a Community group. There are some big hearts in Chorleywood. I couldn’t believe how fast volunteers were signing up, within a couple of hours we had over 100 and we now have 250 volunteers covering our streets with more signing up each day. Heart-warming feedback from residents comes in every day. Everyone is showing love and compassion as we truly respect our older generation whom have done so much for us in the years gone by. “


“I’ve been able to network with other groups and associations to gain donations so we can do other things. Our first donation was from Chorleywood Residents’ Association which meant we could get started.

We have set up our own supermarket voucher scheme to provide emergency relief to local school families in response to the delay with Edenred government voucher scheme. Adding to current financial hardship, is the increase in daily food consumption.  Not only are there generally more people at home for a longer time but lockdown means we are all eating more for comfort and through boredom. Speaking to a cashier at the large Amersham Tesco, she couldn’t believe the increase in trolley spend due to households consuming more food. Can you imagine how hard it must be to feed a family of 4 hungry kids with just one bag of food?!

We are also doing other things including working with Rickmansworth Foodbank and organising a fruit and veg drop ..I  bought 22 bags of fresh fruit and veg from J J May recently –  we want to support local businesses at the same time.”   


CCSG have partnered with Open Kitchens in a drive to provide free meals to the elderly, vulnerable and key workers across WD3 who are in greatest need. The new charity is a national food solution that brings together pubs, restaurants & their communities to fund, produce and deliver free meals to those in need, which in our area is provided by The Stag .

“Open Kitchens is a nationwide initiative but it makes sense to work together” adds Vanessa. “Locally it works well. We find the beneficiaries and also deliver the meals in Chorleywood. Ricky, Mill End and Maple Cross. Arun, Chef at The Stag is a superstar. He’s providing a selection of freshly prepared meals at cost (thanks to community donations via Open Kitchen) for CCSG to deliver to struggling families in the surrounding areas. Alongside  Rickmansworth Foodbank, CCSG’s fresh food parcels and our supermarket voucher scheme these families are being looked after as best we can.”


If you would like to make a donation to CCSG visit  St Andrew’s website via the link below. Donations will help fund the following initiatives:

– Supermarket Voucher Scheme to fund essential food, toiletries and cleaning items

– Fresh fruit and vegetable food parcels

– Essential baby supplies 

– Creative arts & craft boxes for vulnerable children during lockdown

– Senior Hampers with fruit, tea, biscuits and reading material

All donations to this account go solely to CCSG community group. St Andrew’s have kindly agreed to administer as they are a Registered Charity 1130419.


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