Posted On April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

Songs and poems inspired by the Coronavirus crisis are being released every week as lockdown continues.  Here are two of our favourites

Locally-based band The Mick Flinn Band have recently unveiled an original fundraising rock song for the NHS. Called Lockdown, it was written, performed and produced remotely with help from fellow musician Jack James.   

“This song was written for this very difficult time we are all going through and it’s for such a good cause being our wonderful NHS for putting their lives on the line for us.” says Mick Flinn

“It’s been received really well and £450 was donated in less than 24 hours”  adds Pete Lennon

Watch the video and find link for donations  here:


Illustration: Graham Ralph 




Where in lockdown and is crippling my town we’ve got a do it right now we’ve got to do it right

Let me tell you now there’s 

There’s nobody out on the street

Nowhere to go no one to meet

That’s all we are reading in the news today

We’ve got to stop it now it’s on its way                                                

  A silent killer that’s coming in                                                                 

I’m feeling like I gotta do Something                                                   

 I’m locking down I can’t see the end                                                

This is a war that we’re going to win


Where in lockdown

And it’s crippling my town 

We’ve got to do it right now

We’ve got to do it right

All this time we’ve been blessed with gold 

the times are changing and don’t you know 

we’ve got to think about our fellow man 

and try and do the best we can

But right now we’ve got to keep it together everybody as one 

working together

But right now we’ve got to make our world better yeah

Drop me a line to make me feel better yeah


There’s nobody out on the beach

Our holidays are all out of reach

We can’t get back

To where we’ve been 

it’s like a never ending dream I’m in

All the trees are glowing green

The lakes and rivers are flowing free

The sky is blue all pollutions gone

The world is singing a different song

We’re in lockdown 

and it’s crippling my town we’ve got to do it right now 

we’ve gotta do it right


Welsh comedian, singer and entertainer. Max Boyce has written a brilliant poem, in his own inimitable way, about these troubled times entitled ‘When Just The Tide Went Out’. They can be sung to the tune of Hymns and Arias. Hear Max’s interview with Roy Noble on BBC Wales with the poem reading here:








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