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Posted On March 29, 2018
March 29, 2018

Chorleywood has become a destination for keen trail runners and we even have our own Chorley-ROOTZ (CHRZ) Trailrun !

On Sunday 4 March thirteen runners and one mountain-biker showed up for the first CHRZ trailrun along the Chess Valley, through Chenies and following trails through Carpenters Wood. The run, organised by Dutch runner Geordie Klein, was to raise funds for Run 4 Cancer*

Chorleywood keen runners Becca Morris and Sarah Ockenden couldn’t have been happier to be running on their patch with the group.

“We started at Rootz and ran up Colleyland which is a real lungbuster “ says Becca, “ then we went across the Common, down the Chess Valley and back up through Chenies where we had refreshments served from a car boot by Geordie’s wife Lonneke ! We finished up back at Rootz an hour and a half later and Phil served us breakfast. Sarah? and I are members of the Ricky Running Sisters too. Running together is a brilliant way of switching off after work – as well as enjoying exercise together we have all become great friends. It’s great to be running on home turf with Geordie – he is fantastic!“

It’s not hard to see why Geordie is an inspirational leader. He oozes passion,

“ The joy of trailrunning is being outdoors off road in fields and woods. You can forget everything, It’s very relaxed, time goes by without you noticing. You see the changing environment through the seasons and it’s good to run early morning when the forest is waking up.”

We take for granted our public rights of way in the UK adds Geordie, who hails from the Netherlands and lives in Northwood where he lives and works for the Dutch Military based at NATO HQ.

“ It’s so good that you can run across farm fields and golf courses, along footpaths and even through cemetries here… this whole network of connected rights of way is very valuable, it is much more regulated in the Netherlands. It’s important to be proud of it and preserve it. Chorleywood is a great place for running and relaxing – I especially love the welcome at the Rose and Crown and the atmosphere in Rootz.! I’m looking forward to our next trailrun on Saturday 14 April. If anybody wants to join, just let me know! ”.

The second Chorley-ROOTZ 8 mile Trailrun, Sat 14 April, 12.10pm start at Rootz

email for details or see info at


* Run 4 Cancer is a cancer-respite charity with a sporting focus

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  1. Geordie Klein   15/04/2018 11:28 am / Reply

    Great thanks to all runners and to Rootz Coffee Chorleywood for supporting the Second Chorley-ROOTZ Trailrun yesterday with great home-made granola and shortbread cakes. They were a delicious and well deserved treat for all runners. Especially after 1.30 Hrs trailrunning through Carpenters Wood, Chenies, down the Chess River Valley, up (!) the steep hill towards Church End and finally a down- and uphill to the Chorleywood common … and all in the sun (finally spring has arrived – I hope).

    Thanks for the great donation of in total 70 GBP for Run4Cancer!

    I will post the date and time for next Chorley-ROOTZ Trailrun probably next week.

    Hope to see you than again at ROOTZ!


    Geordie Klein

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