Good News For Green Street?

Posted On May 18, 2015
May 18, 2015

Is the Green Street flood a thing of the past?

This following letter was posted on our website on Monday 18th May 2015  in response to a thread started in Feburary 2014, you can click here to be taken to the original thread

To read more about the Air Group development of the barns at the top of  Green Street Click Here

This message is sent on behalf of the Air Group


On 18th March 2015, The Air Group purchased Great Green Street Farm, Green St, Chenies, WD3 6EA. From the outset we had been made aware of the problems with flooding further down the road, and made it a priority to investigate, in an attempt to find a solution to ending this problem.

I contacted Herts CC to point out that when clearing the pond near the roadside we had observed that water was constantly percolating and it was either a leak from a pipe or a spring. The Flood Risk Officer acknowledged my email but simply asked to be kept informed of our findings. I therefore contacted Affinity Water and explained the situation, and they were very helpful and sent someone out to investigate. As a result of this visit, Affinity arranged for the water flow to be monitored overnight to try and identify a leak, and lo and behold they discovered one, about 100m down the road going towards Chorleywood. This morning (18th May), Affinity Water brought a digger and their team to Green Street and stopped the leak.

Immediately the flow of water into our roadside pond ceased, and we will now continue to develop the pond as part of our rainwater harvesting system, confident in the knowledge that the leak has been mended.

We thought you would like to know this development, and very much hope that should we have excessive rainfall in the future, the work carried out by Affinity Water will go towards ensuring the safe and clear passage for both pedestrians and vehicles alike along Green Street.

My first communication with Affinity Water was on 5th May and today is 18th May. It has taken 13 days to identify the problem and solve it.

Kind regards,
Karen Lawrie



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  1. Alison   02/10/2015 9:45 pm / Reply

    Good to hear flooding appears to have been improved although I am confused… what are Air Groups plans for Green Street and has planning has been submitted/ approved for housing on Green Street? I notice they are advertising new housing to be built on Green Street but to my knowledge (& the councils as far as I am aware) they have not made any planning permission application or stated what their plans are. Would love to hear from Air Group or anyone else who know what these plans are.

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