Iron Brew – Locally made Watercress ale

Posted On September 2, 2016
September 02, 2016

Two Sarratt businesses have joined forces and come up with an inspired product – Watercress Ale.

When Jon Tyler approached Rob Atkinson and Neil Hodges of Paradigm Brewery with the suggestion of brewing ale from watercress the pair were intrigued.

“I was looking at ways of diversifying” says Jon Tyler who runs a watercress farm on the Chess “I discovered a beer made with watercress seeds and knew there was a brewery in Sarratt so just took a couple of watercress bags along!”


“ We were happy to support Jon” says Rob, “and we were curious! A Hampshire company who produce a watercress brew gave us advice about quantities. We used 4kg of just-cut actual watercress and added malts and peppery hops from the USA, filling up both of our fermenters. We got the brew right the first time!”


Rob and Neil started Paradigm in February last year,

“I’d given up my job as an account manager for a software company and Neil had retired from insurance sales. We were talking about what we could do and my wife made a remark that we both enjoyed beer and home brewing. We thought we could probably make a living from brewing so went on brewery tours and courses, decided to go for it and found a location. We got second hand vessels from Buckingham brewery, converted an office building and built hoists plus a green chimney to extract odours. We now produce 2000 pts a week and bottle some popular brews. Saratt Village Store can’t get enough!”


The Watercress ale was on tap at the Rose and Crown over the summer


“ It created a lot of interest “says R&C landlord Jeff Hall, “especially as it’s made from local watercress. It’s not a bad brew!”


“I just wish my dad was around to see this“ adds Jon, “he would have loved it! I’d like to look into growing hops now!“



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  1. Tracy Ford   05/09/2016 9:46 pm / Reply

    It’s a Win Win……… pun intended!!!
    Love it.

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