Can’t Stop Here any Moor

Posted On April 1, 2015
April 01, 2015

Chorleywood passengers wishing to change branches at Moor Park may, in future, be asked for proof of Moor Park residency before being allowed to alight.

According to the Moor Park action group trying to invoke an 150 year old law preventing non-residents using the station, there has been a large increase in the number or Amersham branch passengers catching the late night Watford line train, disembarking at Moor Park and taking a cab the rest of the way. This, it seems, has been infuriating the residents of Moor Park who see the cabs as theirs.

“There are a limited number of cabs at that time of night, if I have to wait for them to do a return trip to Chorleywood I might as well walk home. I only live five minutes away.”

A bit of trawling through the archives has produced a document that might mean  pedestrians could be banned from Moor Park in much the same way that cars currently are.

TFL are keeping firmly out of the row and it is unclear who will be able to enforce the covenant. However, if they do manage to find a way, it will also mean that people simply wishing to change branches at Moor Park may find themselves falling foul of the law.


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  1. Neil   01/04/2015 2:31 pm / Reply

    Excellent April fool…..would have loved to see how they would enforce any archaic law…they will want their own currency and sovereignty next! Reminds me of Passport to Pimlico!

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